Test Data Management

Test Data Management, TDM,  as the name implies, is a strategic, managed approach to defining, creating, managing, editing and manipulating test data. TDM does not deal with specific test cases, test scripts or test scenarios, but rather the data driving your specific tests. Your Test Life Cycle (TLC) can account for 30% – 60% of your overall development cost. Implementing a well thought out TDM strategy can sufficiently reduce your TLC, enabling your team to focus on Verificationa & Validation, not data creation and manipulation.

The IQS TDM process framework, can help your organization put in place a TDM Strategy to support:

  1. Your initial test data set-up and/or synchronization of test data across your test environments. “Data Profiling” for all your environments (Production and Test). During this process we work with your team to document the characteristics of the data in terms of data source, data attributes, relationships, values, dependencies and domains.  The results will be used to analyze the gaps between current environments and your test data requirements.
  2. Process, Procedures and Tools to support Project/Program Specific Management of test data requirements. Typically two categories:
    1. New System/Application Development, which often requires test data creation in support of new test cases that target new/enhanced functionality
    2. Maintenance and small enhancements of existing systems/applications which may require additional test data loads, creation of new test data, and/or modification/manipulation of existing test data
  3. Process, Procedures and Tools to support Test data Maintenance – Implementing Service requests:
    1. Simple data requests
    2. Change requests (CRs), specific to test data requirements
    3. Trouble Reports (TRs), problems associated to existing test data
  4. Comprehensive Test Data Maintenance and Refresh – scheduled maintenance of test beds on an periodic frequency (semi-annual, annual)

In addition to developing a comprehensive TDM Strategy for your organization, IQS can help you identify and implement Test Data tool sets that can reduce or eliminate the manual effort needed to create, manage and maintain your test data and test environments.

Leave the Data to Us

IQS offers TDM as a service. Once we’ve helped you put in place a TDM strategy, our team can remotely, from our secure test facility, manage your Test Data Requirements and Test Environments.  We are a cost effective means of ensuring the right data is there for your project teams, when they need it, where they need it and in the state they need it in, enabling your team to focus on the end game – System/Application Quality.