SQM Strategic Consulting

Process & Methodologies
IQS has taken the lead in enabling various clients to achieve their corporate vision for Quality. Our staff of seasoned QA professionals has worked with our clients to assess current state of their QA organization, determine opportunities for improvement, and develop a road map to get them to their organizational goals.  As a trusted partner in consulting, IQS helps our clients identify their current quality maturity level across the QA/testing organization, aligning Test Methodologies, Processes, Tools and Resources to their SDLC to ensure quality is built-in throughout the development cycle.

We at IQS have proven methodologies, live repository of already implemented best practices and structured assessment framework, test management and test automation tools which can help an organization build a testing capability or improve and evolve on existing capabilities that is best fit for their business. Some of the SQM Strategic consulting services that are offered include:

  • Process & Methodology Consulting
    IQS can help your organization define and implement a world class QA / testing Methodology using Industry Benchmarks. Current state is benchmarked against industry standards and best practices and a roadmap to achieve future state is developed that uniquely meets each clients specific QA/Testing goals. In addition, we also help our customers in defining test strategy, regression testing approaches, efficient test management practices & organizational structure.
    Our OASIS initiative is a Forward Leaning cost effective alternative to offshore outsourcing your software testing.  Learn More (link to OASIS)
  • Test Management Toolset Assessment
    IQS can evaluate various testing toolsets (test management, test automation, performance test tools, defect management tools etc) base on our clients technology, budget and development processes. A matrix analysis is done and a best fit solution and tool set is recommended.  Implementations of the shortlisted tool with ROI details are provided. Understanding the client’s technology and environment is essential to identifying the right set of test management tools.  IQS can help you realize the efficiencies that your organization can quickly gain through the implementation of the tools that best meet your environment, culture and development approach(s).
  • Automation Assessment
    Automation assessment focuses on test automation standards, process (framework), environment, data and determination of ROI associated to implementing automation. IQS can define automation process, templates, and standards and also ensure the right systems/applications to achieve maximum ROI are being automated. Our Automation Frameworks can be designed to jump-start engagements and enable a faster ROI for our customers.