IV & V Services

Functional Testing

Application Functional, System/Integration and Regression Testing
IQS offers Testing Services across multiple industry verticals. Our methodology, structured processes and best practice approach ensures our clients a return on their investment by identifying software/product anomalies and defects early in the life-cycle. IQS has extensive experience and expertise in test planning, test design/development, test execution and with providing our client tangible results through metric and reports. Our testing spans across Leading Enterprise COTS products, Enterprise legacy Applications, Web-based and Client server applications.

Our services:

  • IT Focused Testing – System Testing, System Integration Testing, Regression Testing, End to End Testing, Data Migration Testing
  • Business Focused Testing – User Acceptance Testing and Customer Experience Assurance
  • Compliance Testing – Regulatory compliance such as SOX, HIPAA etc
  • BI & Data Warehouse Testing – Data Acquisition Testing, Data Validation Testing, ETL Testing, Reports Testing and End to End Testing

Non-Functional Testing

Performance & Load Testing
IQS’s performance testing capabilities cover entire gamut of an organization’s testing requirements across performance testing tools, technology stack, diverse protocols, and applications including Web, ERP, and client-server.

IQS performance & Load testing comprises:

  • Core project-based performance testing – Load, Stress, Scalability, Endurance testing
  • Performance Test Consulting – need based Performance specialist support
  • Secure and managed Test Center to support continuous performance testing and monitoring needs

IQS leverages industry standard testing methodology, tools, utilities, and framework to execute performance testing projects.

Security Testing
IQS’s security testing is based on industry standards i.e., OWASP, OSSTMM testing methodology to detect and report application vulnerabilities.
Security testing solutions comprise:

  • Web Application security testing
  • Network penetration testing
  • Security Code review

Mobile Device, PDAs, MFD
With today’s mobility and on-demand/on the go capabilities, many of our clients require their web applications are interoperable with today’s mobile technology. IQS’s Mobile Technology testing solutions comprise:

  • Compatibility
  • Suitability
  • Usability
  • Performance
  • Interoperability with multiple devices, (iPod, iPad, Droid, Blackberry, etc)

Web Service / SOA Testing
Enterprise customers are implementing complex SOA architecture necessitating testing at various layers to build quality as the application develops. IQS’s SOA testing solutions comprise:

  • Web Services component testing
  • ESB/Message framework testing
  • Business process testing
  • End-to-end testing

Test Automation
IQS offers proven proprietary solutions utilizing our Automation Framework that pprovides for a Consistent, Re-useable, and Best Practice Methodology to Automated Testing that will achieve the greatest benefit and Return On Investment (ROI)

Our Services comprise:

  • Best Practice Model for Automated Testing
    • Documented Coding Standards
    • Common Modules
    • Inventory and Repository of Automated Scripts
    • Source Control
    • Schedule and Tracking Calendar
    • Documented Test Environment and Inventory
  • Ensures a standard means for reporting costs and savings to Management
  • Improves product quality through increase coverage while reducing costs
  • Feasibility and ROI Assessments
    Assesses the viability of Automating the Testing for a proposed Application/System. Helping customers with ROI calculator based on several parameters such as application life span, number of regression test execution cycles, cost of hardware, tools needed to build solution etc., to ensure that automation would yield savings in terms of cost and time.
  • Align IQS Automation framework with client development and maintenance
    Work with customer to ensure optimal implementation of IQS’s automation framework covering diverse development methodologies such as waterfall, RUP, iterative and agile
  • Automated Test Script Development
    • Follow coding standards, best practices, code reviews, and unit testing to ensure an automation test suite that is maintainable and reusable.
    • This effort is driven directly from the automated test specification, test requirements, and supporting documents
    • Execution of developed scripts against target application
    • Results analyzed to ensure accuracy of the Test Scripts, verify results, and report the errors to the Client.
  • Maintenance services
    Support for automation suite maintenance.