OASIS – Launching My Career

My name is Nick Williams and I have been with IQS for almost a year.  In this time, I have learned valuable, real world skills that will help me in my future career in the Quality Assurance industry.  I came to IQS in November of 2010.  I found out about the position through a school presentation at Metropolitan State University where I was finishing up my Bachelor’s degree in Management Information System.  Before I was able to officially work for IQS I had to take a training course to prepare me for the ISTQB certificate exam.  Shortly after passing the test I began my internship with IQS.

The first several weeks I got to experience the OASIS model. I worked at IQS’s computer lab where connecting remotely to the customer’s systems was possible. While working in the lab my fellow test analysts and I received exceptional guidance from IQS leadership. The IQS OASIS model is a positive and safe environment for students taking their first steps into the IT field. This type of environment created a pool of knowledge that we all benefited from. 

About one month later, several IQS interns and I moved to the client site. Working directly with a client, I also get to feed from the wealth of knowledge of QA leads, project managers, developers, architects, and other staff members on a day-to-day basis. While working at a client site, there’s constant collaboration between the contract (IQS) and the permanent employees. My exposure to the client’s systems, tools, methodologies, and environment is priceless and cannot be obtained in the classroom. Looking back from where I was in my career a year ago to where I am today is remarkable and humbling. This is just the beginning and I look forward to my long career in the Software Quality Assurance field.

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  1. Greg Lichliter says:

    I work with Nick on a daily basis and he’s been extremely helpful on many projects. If you get the chance to work on a team with Nick he definitely will step up to the plate and get things done!! Congrats on finishing your degree also.