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OASIS – Launching My Career

17 Dec

My name is Nick Williams and I have been with IQS for almost a year.  In this time, I have learned valuable, real world skills that will help me in my future career in the Quality Assurance industry.  I came to IQS in November of 2010.  I found out about the position through a school presentation at Metropolitan State University where I was finishing up my Bachelor’s degree in Management Information System.  Before I was able to officially work for IQS I had to take a training course to prepare me for the ISTQB certificate exam.  Shortly after passing the

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There just HAS to be a better, cost-effective way to manage this!

14 Dec

Picture this;  You are a QA Manager or Lead sitting at your desk looking at a stack of Excel test cases stapled to Word requirements documents (or is it the other way around?) and wondering how you will have time to build the reports requested by management, development, the PM…  and so on.  And you think to yourself – there just HAS to be a better, cost-effective way to manage all this. 
We were in the same boat a little more than a year ago and we reached out to SmartBear Software for a solution called, “Software Planner”.  We

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Requirements Test Coverage

14 Dec

Ensuring that testing covers all requirements may not be as complicated as you think….if you have good requirements or use cases.  But, what if they are lacking or non-existent?  How do you gather requirements?  How do you plan test coverage?  The bottom line is that you still must plan test coverage.  Along with that, you must be able to provide metrics and statistics, even in the simplest form, that assures project sponsors test progress, and ensures that all testable features have been addressed.

Sources of Requirements

  • Interviews with project team; the business analysts, developers, business users, etc.
  • Prototypes, storyboards, wire
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